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  1. A meeting at the site for a walk through and planning meeting to review all last minute details and logistics of event – working through the JayDee Event Checklist so every last detail is clear and priorities are understood
  2. Creating a detailed timeline, flow plan and vendor production sheet for the event as well as coordinating last minute information gathering regarding meals, payments, and set up/strike times from vendors
  3. Creating a payment spreadsheet and advising on gratuities upon request
  4. Coordinating logistics, timeline and details for the event on the day, as well as in the weeks leading up to the event
  5. Advising on last minute decisions 
  6. Approximately 10 hours on day of event to facilitate wedding timeline, deliveries, vendor set up, implementation & strike
  7. Coordinating decor and design set-up with florist and other relevant parties and assisting with labor and all details for decor the day of the event
  8. Managing all moving pieces of the event: Direction of vendors, attending to guest needs and inquiries, trouble-shooting challenging situations, etc
  9. Vendor confirmations and contact lists
  10. Unlimited email and phone correspondence 60 days prior to event to discuss details
  11. Event Emergency Kit

This is for the client that has made all the decisions, but needs some help bringing everything together
Are last minute details getting the better of you..?​
Not sure you can enjoy your event because you're worried about all the fine points?
Need someone with experience to navigate the choppy waters of a large event and guide you smoothly through the day with a smile on your face...?
This is the package for you..!!​​​

Our package consists of :